Tips to Maintain Postivity and Health During COVID-19

The Mastrovich Dental team would like to continue to support and help people maintain not only their dental health but also their overall health. During these unsettling times, stress and unhealthy coping mechanisms are on the rise. The Mastrovich Dental team found the following tips and information helpful to keep positive, relax, and take control of one’s health needs.

Disconnect from technology, social media, TV and news. While it is important to keep informed, make sure to limit yourself so as to not become overwhelmed or bombarded with news. This could lead to overstimulation which can cause stress, loss of sleep, rise in anxiety and many more issues. It’s ok to turn off the news on TV and read a book, play a board game, exercise or do something else that you find fun. Dr. Mastrovich and his family have pet dogs and had the opportunity to foster two puppies, Max and Macie, that they found near the Mastrovich Dental office, before the puppies were adopted to their forever home. Spending time with pets, furry friends and other animals have been known to help people of all ages relax and have noted positive effects on people’s health.

Find out ways you can help your neighbors, community and others. Helping someone else, even a stranger, can help you feel better. Donate if you are able, call a friend or even share a smile or laugh with someone else. It’s a win-win situation for all involved and can help reduce stress, anxiety and other negative feelings.

Eat a healthy, varied diet, and keep yourself hydrated. Nutritious foods can help you keep your immune system up and boost your mood as well. Also try to eat and drink less acidic, sugary foods that can erode tooth enamel and cause more tooth sensitivity. Don’t skip eating because of working from home or binge-watching a show or movie. Remember to eat meals and drink water regularly. Being home means you can plan ahead, cook your own meals with nutritious ingredients, and choose to drink water instead of soda or juice more often.

Most importantly, be sure to remember to listen to yourself and your body’s needs. Everyone’s circumstances differ and you know yourself best. So it is important to take the time to take care of yourself. Get some type of daily exercise. If you start to feel sore from sitting after a while, get up and stretch your legs, neck, back, and arms. Dr. Mastrovich and his family enjoy going on walks together. A short walk outdoors or a jog in place in front of your couch is better than nothing at all. Remember to keep in touch with medical professionals, such as your doctor and dentist. Our team is still available to answer dental questions or to help with a dental emergency. Please contact Mastrovich Dental for more information.