My regular dentist was having a difficult time removing the screw from my dental implant and made arrangements for me to see Dr. Mastrovich. The thought of driving almost 100 miles one way to visit a dentist really made me feel stressed. However, I am EXTREMELY PLEASED  with the service I received there which started at the front desk. Debra’s bubbly personality shown thru as she gave me advice about the intake paperwork. Next, Sheila introduced herself to me, as well as my daughter, led me to the procedure room  and covered me with a warmed blanket ( everyone knows the dentists’ office thermostats are always set on igloo). Dr. Mastrovich came in and said, “Hi, I’m Charlie”. His friendliness helped to relax me even more.  Doctor M and Sheila worked together like a well oiled machine, anticipating each others needs and explaining things to me along the way. In less than an hour my implant was screw free!!!! And to make the ending even sweeter the procedure was performed without the use of any numbing medication, so my body was chemical free too :).