Dr. Mastrovich PEERS Conference Dental Implant Fracture or Failure Screw Removal Presentation

Dental Implant Screw Removal

Dr. Mastrovich Presented on Broken Dental Implant Screw Removal at the Academy of Osseointegration, American Academy of Restorative Dentists and Dentsply PEERS Conference North America


At this meeting, Dr. Mastrovich gave his PEERS Screw Removal Presentation on Dental Implant Component fracture or failure options and solutions. He shared his clinical realities with extracting retained screws with other dental professionals who attended the event.

An overview of Dr. Mastrovich’s topic objectives included:

  • Review of what not to do for a dental implant screw retrieval with a focus on Dr. Mastrovich’s “Robert’s Wreck” case.
  • Basic Points for Success. All screw fragments are initially retrievable (either whole or in pieces). Evaluate if the implant is clear, what is left, and how much effort the procedure demanded (such as recovery time).
  • Dr. Mastrovich’s Screw Classification System that has helped evaluate treatment protocols and his Diagnostic Algorithm which reviews fragment position, fragment mobility, and evaluates what type of implant thread case is occurring.


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