Our Patients

Mastrovich Dental - Our Patients
Mastrovich Dental - Our Patients

A Partnership in Dental Health

Our patients are looking for a caring and personal dentist who wants to take a partnership approach to their dental health. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible dental care from every member of our team, all the way from your first phone call to each and every time you visit us. Your comfort and optimal dental health are our first priority.

Our approach at Mastrovich Dental is to begin our relationship by getting to know you. We take the time with every new patient to discuss your personal health history and dental concerns, learning what you desire for dental care in the future. In doing so, we believe we are able to offer the highest level of service and discover the goals and vision you have for your dental care. We appreciate the confidence you have in us and want you to be as comfortable as possible. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you, or your friends or family, any time about dental concerns or questions.

Here’s to a long and healthy association.

Our Patients' Needs

If you are experiencing one or more of the following, you should be looking for a quality dentist to partner in your dental care:

You are new to the Escondido area and are searching for the right dentist for you or your family

Looking for a second opinion on a challenging diagnosis

The need for restorative dentistry such as crown and bridge work

Possibly concerned that their current dentist may not have the expertise required for a difficult procedure you may have been diagnosed with

A dissatisfaction with your previous dentist and you are searching for someone who is the right fit for your needs

A dental condition that requires an expert in screw retrieval for distressed implants

Understands that there are often many options in your dental care and wants to know all the pros and cons before making a final decision


Your perfect smile is just a click away

We specialize in changing the lives of our patients as they experience the depth of our compassion and the height of our problem solving skills.