Opalescence Tooth Bleaching Instructions

Tooth Bleaching InstructionsOften our patients have called us to ask for another copy of these  tooth bleaching instructions, so we want to make them even more accessible with just a click of the mouse.

How to use Opalescence

The preferred time to use this Opalescence tooth whitening product is at night, while you sleep. The salivary flow is decreased during sleep, which allows the product to remain undiluted for a longer period of time. However, you can use the product during the day if necessary. It is best to wear the tray at least four hours a day to receive maximum effectiveness from the bleaching product.

We furnish you with all supplies needed to bleach your teeth, and will supply you with bleaching product for up to three months from time of delivery, allowing ample time to complete the bleaching process. The tray we make for you will fit snugly over your teeth with just enough space to hold the bleaching product against your teeth. Apply the bleaching product to the inside of the bleaching tray so it will bleach the front side of your teeth (as shown to you by your treatment coordinator). Be sure to place enough material in the tray, usually about 1/3 to 1/2 of a tube, so that a small amount overflows when the tray is placed. This ensures application of material to the whole tooth. The excess should be wiped off with a q-tip.

When you rise in the morning, take the tray from your mouth and brush and floss your teeth. Brush and rinse your tray, but do not turn it inside out, as the plastic material does not have “memory” and will not return to the contour of your teeth. Store your tray in your Opalescence storage box.

If your teeth or tissue become sensitive, discontinue use and contact our office 760-741-6650.