Look no further for artistic dentistry in Escondido

artistic dentistryLearning from the masters has been a life theme for Dr. Mastrovich, and it is a foundational piece in how he helps every patient achieve his or her desired goals for the appearance (smile) and function (chewing) of their teeth. This ‘universal’ principal, referred to since Greek and Roman times by many different names, the Golden Proportions, Golden Ratio, Divine Proportions is the vertical to horizontal ratio that makes a face, a smile, a piece of architecture or art unconsciously pleasing to the human eye. An everyday case in point: pull out your wallet and look at your credit cards. They utilize this principal, in order to be both visually and tactilely appealing to use. Dr. Mastrovich utilizes this principal as he plans dental cases for the best possible results, and even incorporated it into his prior logo 15 years ago. The calipers in the logo represented his measurements for these esthetically pleasing smiles.

Having her dentist be both clinician and artist is very important for Lynn, who is both a mathematician by education and an artist and painter by passion. She happily relates her experience as his patient, recognizing his unique skill set and expertise in artistic and highly functional dentistry.

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