Jeff R

I wanted to send a message to say how grateful I am for the privilege I had to be seen by Dr Mastrovich.

I guess after going through this, I now know a very small fraction of what he knows about extracting a piece of abutment out of an implant but I can tell you that I would not want to have anyone touch my implant other than Dr Mastrovich.

This was like waking up at the end of a long nightmare.  I’ve been walking with the uncertainty of saving my implant for a long time now and then I ended up in a room full of exactly the right state of the art equipment with probably the most skilled individual in the continent (and possibly on the planet).  A few minutes in that room and Dr Mastrovich hands you your normal life back on a silver platter.

Please convey my most sincere thanks to Dr Mastrovich for developing that technology, for being so well prepared for me and for executing this so flawlessly – my rating:  Perfect (i.e. just one notch above excellent).

Jeff R

GoogleSan Diego, CA