Jay D.
San Diego, CA (Google)

A fine dentist yes, but also a mechanic, a machinist and a skilled hand. He was able to rescue a failed implant that had a broken abutment screw. To be treated by Dr. Mastrovich is an exceptional experience.

Ted U.
Carlsbad, CA (Yelp)

I have nothing but high praise and admiration for Dr. Mastrovich and his incredible, in-depth knowledge and expertise in dentistry. He’s extremely trustworthy as well. I had a very complicated implant problem. My implant tooth broke off just below the gum line and the screw portion of the abutment was stuck inside the implant base. The dentist who had originally installed my implant wanted to charge me full price for a brand new implant and thousands just to extract the broken off screw. I sought a second opinion. Dr. Mastrovich used technology that he invented to extract the screw, and he was able to save the existing implant base. The cost was extremely affordable. I can’t thank him enough.

Douglas S.
Escondido, CA (Yelp)

Dr. Mastrovich does exceptional work. I was referred to Dr. Mastrovich from my primary dentist because I had a dental implant abutment that broke and would not come out of the implant. Through his dental and mechanical skills he created an extractor and process from scratch that easily removed the broken part at no charge. Subsequent to that, he has gone the extra mile in an effort to ensure that the problem would not reoccur; he acquired all of the parts to create new dental molds and impressions so that a new abutment and crown could be created. Ultimately once the lab work is finished he will reinstall the new parts ensuring that the alignment of the abutment and crown are perfect so that my implant will last forever. Awesome JOB!

Nancy C.
Grants Pass, OR (Yelp)

My husband is extremely happy with Dr. Mastrovich’s expertise:

Because it does not happen often, neither my oral surgeon nor my prosthodontist knew how to remove the broken abutment left in my tooth implant when it failed.

I was fortunate that both my dentists referred me to Dr.Charles Mastrovich who removed the broken abutment with tools and a procedure he developed and perfected.

“Pleasurable” is not a word usually associated with any dental procedure, but it best describes my time spent with Dr. Mastrovich. He is not only a technical whiz, but a caring and giving person.

Thank You Doctor,
Bruce C.

Sam M.

I am VERY happy with Dr. Mastrovich’s superior dental expertise.
I was fortunate that my dentist referred me to Dr.Charles Mastrovich who removed the broken abutment with tools and a procedure he developed. He is a great dentist and a very caring person.
Thank You Doctor.

Damian L.
Sammamish, WA (Yelp)

I had screw stuck in a dental implant. My dentist couldn’t remove it and the only option the oral surgeon had for me was to take the implant out and put a new one in. This would have been a risky surgery, since the implant was very close to the adjacent teeth, and very integrated with the bone.

I consider my usual dentist to be quite good, but he was inexperienced regarding the issue I had. Fortunately, he was conscious enough and didn’t try to solve the problem. Other dentists are not as good accepting they can’t solve a problem and try to solve it anyway, and they will most certainly ruin your implant.

I did some research online and I’ve found out that most dentists are not familiar with this kind of mechanical issues, while Charles Mastrovich has dealt with over 170 cases as of 2014. I live in Seattle so I had to fly to San Diego to get to his clinic in Escondido to have this problem solved. It was really worth it, he removed the screw leaving my implant intact.

If you have a mechanical problem with your implant, don’t let an inexperienced dentist try to solve it, call Dr. Mastrovich.

Peter B.
Carlsbad, CA (Yelp)

First off, I am not a patient of Dr. Mastrivich but he was the referral source from my vacationing practioner. The top of my implant was very loose and I had visions of being seen without a front tooth. This office deserves praise ! Not only did they care of my issure in a very timely manner but they totally threw me for a loop by not charging me for the service as a courtesy to my dentist.
Now thats some Olde World service that is hard to experience anymore. Thank you
Dr. Mastrovich and very friendly staff.

Carlsbad, CA (Yelp)

Very welcoming, personable staff on the phone and when I showed up for my appointment. I was referred to Dr. Mastrovich for his excellent knowledge with implants and ability to correct any parts or broken pieces. A very patience man and took the time to explain, not only the procedure but what caused the problem. His passion for what he does was very evident and I felt confident from the moment I met him. Kudos to him and his staff! I would definately go back!

Barbara and Harold Z.
Vista, CA (Yelp)

I was sent to Dr. Mastrovich by my prosthodontist. I had broken one of four locators that hold my upper denture. The remaining piece was jammed way up in the space in which it was located. It had to be completely removed before a new locator could be inserted. My prosthodontist tried for an hour but couldn’t do it! My dental surgeon also tried but couldn’t do it! As a last resort, I was sent to Dr. Mastrovich to accomplish this seemingly insurmountable task. To my amazement, Dr. Mastrovich DID it!!! But, Dr. Mastrovich had special dental eaquipment, he disigned himself, that enabled him to get out the locator. Dr. Mastrovich is not just any dentist. He invented many of his own tools, as well as, a magnifying machine with a probe that enabled him to see into m;y mouth and directly find what remained of the locator. The machine connected to a large screen, has a camera attached so that pictures wete taken by an assistant who worked with Dr. Mastrovich during the two-hour procedure. Through skill, persistence and ingenuity, Dr. Mastrovich accomplished what no other professiona could. Needless to say, I was prepared to pay as much as I was asked by the very friendly and accommodating office receptionist, Debra. I amost fainted when told that there was NO fee!!!!! It seems Dr. Mastrovich performs these amazing feats for dentists in the county who run up against dental challenges that they cannot solve. I cannot sing his praises too loudly. He is dedicated, hard working, personable and a genius all in one outstanding member of the dental profession. I wish I could give him, and his warm and caring staff a medal But all I can do is recommend him to any patient who wants a dentist who is both a magician and a master at his craft. No words can thank Dr. Mastrsovich and his staff enough. I will be his patient, as will my husband and friends from now on. I wish I had found him sooner.

Laura D.
Chula Vista, CA (Yelp)

We were referred to Dr. Mastrovich by our Mom’s dentist to diagnose and repair two broken implant abutment screws for my 84-year old mother. Mom’s case was challenging, as it was not initially clear why the screws fractured after only 9 months from the original implant surgery. Dr. M. was exceedingly professional and diligent in determining the cause of the problem (wrong-sized screws were installed by the original dentist). He took exceptional care of our Mom through four appointments, resulting in the successful removal of the fractured screws (while preserving the implants) and the installation of the correct parts. We are very thankful for the successful outcome. More than twelve hours of dental work for anyone is no fun, especially someone elderly. But Dr. M. and his staff (Lori and Debra) treated Mom with tremendous compassion and courtesy. We highly recommend Dr. Mastrovich.

Robert J.

I have experienced 12 broken implant screws during the past 19 years. In September 2016, I had three broken implant screws on my bridge. The dentist who placed my bridge and previous broken screws did not know where or if replacement screws would be available. He sent me to a dental implant specialist who did not have the expertise to help me but knew someone who has a reputation of handing difficult cases. He referred me to Dr. Mastrovich. When I first met Dr. Mastrovich, I was very nervous and apprehensive. Dr. Mastrovich quickly put me at ease and assured me that if he can’t find the parts, he could machine new screws. He took time to educate me about my implant system and options to help prevent future screw breakage. Within two weeks he repaired my bridge with upgraded screws at a lower price. This was the first time I have ever had a phone call from a dentist office that called me the next day to check on me. Dr. Mastrovich and his staff exceeded my expectations.

Diane G.
Lakewood, CA (Yelp)

My regular dentist was having a difficult time removing the screw from my dental implant and made arrangements for me to see Dr. Mastrovich. The thought of driving almost 100 miles one way to visit a dentist really made me feel stressed. However, I am EXTREMELY PLEASED  with the service I received there which started at the front desk. Debra’s bubbly personality shown thru as she gave me advice about the intake paperwork. Next, Sheila introduced herself to me, as well as my daughter, led me to the procedure room  and covered me with a warmed blanket ( everyone knows the dentists’ office thermostats are always set on igloo). Dr. Mastrovich came in and said, “Hi, I’m Charlie”. His friendliness helped to relax me even more.  Doctor M and Sheila worked together like a well oiled machine, anticipating each others needs and explaining things to me along the way. In less than an hour my implant was screw free!!!! And to make the ending even sweeter the procedure was performed without the use of any numbing medication, so my body was chemical free too :).

Corinne Z.

Thank you so much Dr. Mastrovich, Debra and Staff for your professionalism, courtesy and kindness. I am so glad to be able to go on with the restoration of my implant. I would certainly refer your services to anyone I can.

Mee H.
San Diego, CA (Yelp)

First of all, Dr. Mastrovich is not our actual dentist. We were referred to him by our actual dentist. There was an issue with my husband’s implant, and it seemed very difficult for my dentist; however, Dr. Mastrovich took care of our problem quickly and with ease! He also gave us a clear and detailed explanation on everything we needed to know! Thank you Dr. Mastrovich as well as your wonderfully kind staff!

Liang-Jye C.
Poway, CA (Yelp)

I was sent to Dr. Mastrovich’s office after doctors in another Oral Surgery Office failed to remove a broken screw in one of my dental implants. I would rate Dr. Mastrovich and his staff “perfect!” He not only took care of the problem, but also explained what to do next in an easy to understand manner.

Dr. Mastrovich is not only professional, but also ethical from the way he described what to do next. He has self-made special tools and his experience of taking care of tough implant related problems made him so special in the field of oral surgery! His assistant is so knowledgeable and the office manager, Debra, made me feel so at home from when I called to confirm my appointment.

Thank you Dr. Mastrovich and your wonderful staff!

Malieka J.
Los Angeles, CA (Yelp)

This review is long overdue but I needed to express the value of service I received from Dr. Mastrovich, Debra and Rex on April 8th, 2016. I was referred to Dr. Mastrovich for his speciality in removing broken implant screws. I patiently waited nearly 2 months to get in to see him and it was well worth the wait. Dr. Mastrovich demonstrated his master skills by gently removing my broken implant screw. From the first encounter with Debra to the actual appt. with Dr. Mastrovich and his RDA Rex the experience was nothing short of awesome. Thank you for your expertise, your patient/customer service, and your generosity. You are appreciated!

George L.
San Diego, CA (Yelp)

My Mom was referred to Dr. Mastrovich by her dentist to remove a broken implant abutment and abutment screw. This is an extremely difficult case, but Dr. Mastrovich was able to remove the broken abutment and abutment screw — carefully keeping the implant intact. My Mom says she felt very comfortable in the chair. She was so happy and relieved that she asked me to write this review. Thank you Dr. Mastrovich!

Cheryl B.

Dr. Mastrovich’s office was great! So professional and friendly! Everyone from the front desk to Dr. Mastrovich and his assistants. I needed to see Dr. Mastrovich for an issue I had with an implant that another Dr. had done out of state. Dr. Mastrovich was so knowledgable and really met my needs to fix my implant. I definitely recommend this dental office!

Cheryl S.

Thank you Dr. Mastrovich for the great service and education on my implant problem. You took care of it~~with ease!

Walker S.
San Diego, CA (Yelp)

I had the best dental experience of my life yesterday. Dr. Mastrovich and his staff are simply wonderful. He fixed a broken implant that others said could not be done. From the first phone call with Valerie to the hand shake leaving I am profoundly appreciative.

After 15 years one of my dental implants broke with the implant beside it becoming loose. I visited my dentist and did a followup visit with my implant doctor. It looked like nothing could be done to repair the broken implant. Then I got a call from my dentist who had found Dr. Mastrovich and asked me to look over his web site and watch the videos. ( mastrovichdental.com )

I called and spoke with Valerie who guided me through the preparations for a visit. We arrived early for the appointment and Valerie greeted us with a smile, handshake and immediately made us feel very welcome. When it was time I was taken back and greeted by Dr. Mastrovich who said “Hi, I’m Charlie”. Throughout the visit he and his staff made me comfortable and ensured I knew what was happening. He has repaired over 600 broken implants. His knowledge and expertise are unparalleled. He quickly identified the problem using his specialty equipment which itself is very impressive. The 60 power microscope allowed him to see and repair the problem. Each step of the process was photographed through the microscope. My dentist had supplied the wrong replacement pieces but Dr. Mastrovich was able to find the appropriate hardware and quickly solved the issue. We were attended by an observer from the implant company who was there to learn from his process.

So my two broken implants from 15 years ago will be restored to use with new crowns and continue their useful life. Dr. Mastrovich and his staff made it possible and I am truly grateful. It was truly an honor to be worked on by these wonderful people. For all these reasons I recommend then. Five stars are truly insufficient. Thank you Dr. Mastrovich and staff!

Stanley S.

Dr. Mastrovich rescued an implant to start. He’s noted for this! ,and then gave me the most thorough, thoughtful consultation I have ever had in 70 years going to a dentist. I have faith he will do as well with my future reconstruction. Also I noted it was a happy office, both patients and staff. Completely organized and professional.

Asko P.

Dr. Mastrowich is The Best. Very high knowledge,lots of energy,enthusiastic,perfectionist,helpful and happy. Never gives up. The more challenging case,the more he enjoys it. Has he’s own workshop for making parts which are nowhere to get etc.

Rand A.

I was told that if Dr. Mastrovich can’t find a solution for my implant problem no one can. Well, he found it. I am glad and I also learned a thing or two. He is truly dedicated and passionate about what he does.

Robert K.
Dallas, TX (Google)

If you have a failed implant go see Dr. Mastrovich. An old implant of mine failed and had a broken screw, which I was told would be nearly impossible to remove. Well I flew out to see Dr. Mastrovich from Dallas, Texas, for a second opinion. The same day, he was able to remove the screw and save the implant. He uses state of the art equipment to include a high powered microscope. If you have a failed implant call his office. He and his staff are outstanding…. Thank you Dr. Mastrovich.

Jeff R
San Diego, CA (Google)

I wanted to send a message to say how grateful I am for the privilege I had to be seen by Dr Mastrovich.

I guess after going through this, I now know a very small fraction of what he knows about extracting a piece of abutment out of an implant but I can tell you that I would not want to have anyone touch my implant other than Dr Mastrovich.

This was like waking up at the end of a long nightmare.  I’ve been walking with the uncertainty of saving my implant for a long time now and then I ended up in a room full of exactly the right state of the art equipment with probably the most skilled individual in the continent (and possibly on the planet).  A few minutes in that room and Dr Mastrovich hands you your normal life back on a silver platter.

Please convey my most sincere thanks to Dr Mastrovich for developing that technology, for being so well prepared for me and for executing this so flawlessly – my rating:  Perfect (i.e. just one notch above excellent).

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