Protocol For Referral Acceptance

Process Completed by the Dentist
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Thank you for referring your patient to Dr. Mastrovich for his Specialty Implant services.

During the intake process, any and all insight you can give us will be greatly appreciated as Dr. Mastrovich finds it important to know the details of prior attempts at retrieval. As soon as we have your referral details, intake information, and a copy of the most current x-ray, Dr. Mastrovich will be able to review and determine whether any additional information is required before contacting your patient to schedule.

Why is a current x-ray important to provide? 

An x-ray allows Dr. Mastrovich to evaluate, in silhouette, where inside the implant the problem occurred and whether he will need to design, engineer, and machine in his micro-machine shop a new custom high-precision instrument or tool for your specific circumstance. Or, an x-ray silhouette will also determine if one of the tools or instruments already designed, for over 1300 previous successful cases, will be perfect for that situation.

Other Important Protocols to Note:

  • Before a patient is actually referred,

    and before we proceed into retrieval, the referring doctor and Dr. Mastrovich have to understand what happened and whether retrieval is the best option. Full disclosure of what treatment has already been attempted on the case is needed in order to fully evaluate and plan for success.

  • Dr. Mastrovich frequently finds

    it necessary to mechanically engineer and fabricate customized tooling to safely retrieve broken parts. This takes time.

  • IMR Intake Form and radiographs

    need to be in our office in advance of the patient being contacted for an appointment, in order to allow Dr. Mastrovich to determine any design and machining needed, as well as the amount of time for the patient and our office to allow in our mutual schedules.

  • Referring doctors and their patients

    need to read Dr. Mastrovich’s protocols /view his lectures here on his website to better understand the scope and nature of the referral.

  • Fees for this service

    are due by credit card at the time of the appointment.

Dr Mastrovich with a patient

Your Patient's Pre-appointment Process

Our team makes every effort to maximize your benefit from your appointment with Dr. Mastrovich.  Before we schedule IMR appointments, we gather (1) the most current x-ray of the broken situation (with focus and saturation quality to reveal the internal aspects of the implant), (2) the completed Intake/Referral form with the implant specifications and (3) very importantly, the details of every attempt to retrieve the broken pieces by other doctors (including the patient’s description of each of those attempts).  These three areas of information are necessary for Dr. Mastrovich to evaluate the specific circumstances and decide whether those circumstances necessitate further research and/or design and machining of new customized high-precision tooling or are within the parameters of his existing custom high-precision tools.

Completed by Dentist

Start Intake Process ElectronicallyDownload IMR Intake Referral Form

What Your Patient Can Expect At Their Appointment

Many patients ask whether they will need to be sedated, and therefore require a driver.  The answer to that is, “no”, because the IMR procedure is a surprisingly comfortable procedure.  We repeatedly hear from patients, “that was a relief, it was so much more comfortable than prior attempts”.  Because our bodies are amazing and can quite quickly grow tissue over the implant when a restoration has been displaced, the most that Dr. Mastrovich will need to do is administer a tiny amount of anesthetic, similar to that used for a tiny ‘filling’, to be sure of comfort when he removes any tissue that has encroached over the opening of the implant.

At your appointment, you will be able to see everything Dr. Mastrovich is viewing inside the implant with the 25 power microscope, as it will be on the big screen on the wall of the treatment room.  There is nothing disturbing in the view, as it is the inside of the implant, so the patient is viewing the metal as Dr. Mastrovich answers the two most common patient questions: (1) “How /why did this happen?”, and (2) “No offense, Dr. Mastrovich, but what needs to be done so I don’t have to return for the same thing in the future?”.  The good news is that Dr. Mastrovich is a teacher at heart and enjoys training other dentists on this information, as well as helping patients understand their situation and so they can make decisions from the basis of factual information.

Completed by Dentist

Start Intake Process ElectronicallyDownload IMR Intake Referral Form

Have More Questions Related to Your Patient's Case?

Please contact us with any other questions or comments you may have. We look forward to speaking with you soon.