Implant Mechanical Rescue (IMR)


Rescue of Broken Dental Implant Abutments and Screws - Implant Mechanical Rescue (IMR)

Thank you for seeking Dr Mastrovich’s care for your implant mechanical rescue. We are dedicated to providing a successful and safe mechanical rescue.

One of the most frustrating experiences for patients is having dental implant problems, which includes having a fractured implant, screw or abutment removed.  Although most dental implants are delivered successfully and function well for years, there are situations when an implant or restorative component can become compromised due to forces that cause a loose or fractured screw, connecting abutment or failing restoration. Correction of these problems ranges from fairly simple to quite complex, requiring microscopic evaluation of compromised restorative components and rescuing with specialized instrumentation.

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Dr. Mastrovich is one of the only San Diego County dentists who specializes in implant and mechanical rescue, which means he is able to retrieve broken abutment screws and abutments, with a high degree of clarity and ease. He does this through the use of a high-powered operative microscope (which most dentists do not have) to view inside the implant. The operating microscope enables Dr. Mastrovich to visualize inside the implant in a manner not necessarily visible with lower magnification. He then uses a combination of specially designed instruments to remove the fractured components, screws and abutments without further damaging the implant.

Patients are thrilled with Dr. Mastrovich’s treatment, particularly because often they have been previously told the only repair option was to remove the implant and start all over with healing, bone grafting and re-implantation. The process of re-implantation, which can take nearly a year, is in stark contrast to several hours of treatment from Dr. Mastrovich.

Dr. Mastrovich has treated over 700 of these cases since 2009, with a very high recovery success rate. This is attributable to his experience and mechanical expertise with the implant systems, customized recovery instruments and microscopic visualization of the very small components. Patient satisfaction routinely is very high when the implant is now ‘clear’ to be re-restored back into function, avoiding surgical intervention with the associated costs, time loss and surgical recovery and/or discomfort.

Dr. Mastrovich receives numerous patient referrals from dentists, as well as the implant manufacturers and sales representatives. Additionally, patients from across the country have learned of him through the internet and sought his treatment, having flown in from as far away as Toronto, Canada, Seattle, Washington, Virgin Islands, Dallas, Texas,  and Florida.

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Protocol For Referral Acceptance

Based on his extensive prior experience, Dr Mastrovich has organized his practice and protocols to support the best possible outcome. Due to the nature of the variable amount of time it takes on each of the individual cases, it is impossible to predict (and schedule) specific completion times. Please understand and share the following “Protocol For Referral Acceptance”:

Understand there is a waiting list of patients needing to be scheduled for appointments. Patience will be a virtue and flexibility with your personal schedule will be key.

Before a patient is actually referred, and before we proceed into retrieval, the referring doctor and Dr. Mastrovich have to understand what happened and whether retrieval is the best option. Full disclosure of what treatment has already been attempted on the case is needed in order to fully evaluate and plan for success.

Dr. Mastrovich frequently finds it necessary to mechanically engineer and fabricate customized tooling to safely retrieve broken parts. This takes time.

Fees for this service are billed at time and materials, due by credit card at the time of the appointment.

Due to the nature of Dr. Mastrovich’s general and complex restorative practice, retrieval cases have to be worked into specifically designed times in our schedule.

IMR Intake Form and radiographs need to be in our office in advance of the patient being placed on the waiting list for an appointment, in order to allow Dr. Mastrovich the time he needs to optimize the potential for success.

Referring doctors and their patients need to read Dr. Mastrovich’s protocols /view his lecture here on his website to better understand the scope and nature of the referral.

Responsible party for payment of fees will be established before treatment can be scheduled.

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We look forward to helping you.

In order to begin the process and create a space for you or your patient on our waiting list, the first step is completion of the following referral / intake form. Once it is complete, please either fax it to (760) 746-2008 or scan and e-mail it to  along with your current x-rays. After the completed form and current x-rays are reviewed by Dr. Mastrovich, our office will contact you for the next step.

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