Mastrovich Dental Implant Mechanical Rescue Certification

Implant Mechanical Rescue Certification

Qualified Doctors Currently Available to Provide Successful Implant Mechanical Rescues

Our main goals are (A) to help dentists who have experienced difficulty with implant mechanical failure, either in their own cases or presented upon referral, to successfully diagnose the problem and treat the situation to the level expertise or refer to a qualified dentist and (B) patients who are in need of qualified care.

Am I A Qualified Doctor?

Do you have experience with implant mechanical failure?

Nearly any dentist who has a thorough understanding of the mechanics of the area in need of rescuing, has the appropriate training and experience, has access to microscopic visualization and for the difficult cases, the appropriate high precision tooling that allows for precise concentric control, thereby avoiding internal implant damage.


Is it understood why the mechanics of the implant failed?

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If implant is clear of fractured components will the case be stable if restored?

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Fractured Abutment Screw

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