Damian L.

I had screw stuck in a dental implant. My dentist couldn’t remove it and the only option the oral surgeon had for me was to take the implant out and put a new one in. This would have been a risky surgery, since the implant was very close to the adjacent teeth, and very integrated with the bone.

I consider my usual dentist to be quite good, but he was inexperienced regarding the issue I had. Fortunately, he was conscious enough and didn’t try to solve the problem. Other dentists are not as good accepting they can’t solve a problem and try to solve it anyway, and they will most certainly ruin your implant.

I did some research online and I’ve found out that most dentists are not familiar with this kind of mechanical issues, while Charles Mastrovich has dealt with over 170 cases as of 2014. I live in Seattle so I had to fly to San Diego to get to his clinic in Escondido to have this problem solved. It was really worth it, he removed the screw leaving my implant intact.

If you have a mechanical problem with your implant, don’t let an inexperienced dentist try to solve it, call┬áDr. Mastrovich.

Damian L.

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