Dr. Mastrovich Lectures on Applying Lessons from Implant Mechanical Failure to Reduce Risk in Implant Case Design


Dr. Charles Mastrovich will be presenting a lecture on “Applying Lessons from Implant Mechanical Failure to Reduce Risk in Implant Case Design”. This seminar is for dentists and will be held on Thursday, May 9th at the San Diego Marriott Hotel in Mission Valley.

Course description:
For years we have all experienced the invaluable addition implant dentistry adds to a restorative outcome, either by providing a more conservative approach (avoidance of additional preparations for a fixed partial denture) or adding support and or retention for a case. However, in some cases, complicating mechanical factors can present during construction, or still worse, further in the future when mechanical correction is expensive to both the patient and practice. How do we anticipate these potential challenges, in order to keep patients happily restored, and the practice running smoothly and profitably?

This presentation will address some of the “whys” and “hows” of failure. To avoid repeat failures, it’s important to understand why did they fail? Of course, equally important is how failure is efficiently resolved clinically. Both issues will be examined by reviewing multiple examples of implant mechanical rescue gathered from actual case histories.

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Better identify some of the issues which pre-dispose a case for mechanical problems.
  • Recognize options in case construction which greatly influence force distribution, mechanical integrity, and long-term robustness.
  • Describe how a screw functions and how to deal with mechanical failure if it presents clinically.

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Please join the informative and innovative lecture that will enhance a dentist’s ability to troubleshoot and salvage mechanical failures in implant therapy. The course qualifies for 3 hours of CE credit. This no-charge course includes a complimentary dinner.

Dr. Charles Mastrovich has been recognized for many achievements, including the following from Dr. Berger.

Colleague Joel S.Berger, D.D.S shared that, “Dr. Mastrovich is known for his innovation in the development of instruments and protocols to salvage fractured implants and components. Also information on mechanical failures of implants and implant components present to all dental practitioners. Dr. Mastrovich has presented on the subject of having the ability to recognize and effectively treat these failures are integral for successful restorative treatment and he has also amassed a great deal of experience and knowledge in implant system mechanics and developed specialized expertise in the recovery of failed implant components.”

Please reserve your space early by contacting Juan Romero or call 1.858.292.5175 ext. 1032


One of the most frustrating experiences for patients is having dental implant problems, which includes having a fractured implant, screw or abutment removed. Although most dental implants are delivered successfully and function well for years, there are situations when an implant or restorative component can become compromised due to forces that cause a loose or fractured screw, connecting abutment or failing restoration. Correction of these problems ranges from fairly simple to quite complex, requiring microscopic evaluation of compromised restorative components and rescuing with specialized instrumentation.

Dr. Charles Mastrovich is dedicated to providing a successful and safe mechanical rescue. Read more on our Implant Mechanical Rescue page or contact us for more information.