New Education Center

New Operatory and Full Education Classroom

Mastrovich Dental is actively expanding. We are excited to be using our new center for training, lectures and more.

This center is now used for hands on training of the Implant Mechanical Rescue tools and techniques Dr. Charles Mastrovich has been developing and successfully used in over 400 retrievals of broken dental implant screws and abutments from inside dental implants. Patients have traveled from as far east as Toronto, as far north as Seattle and as far south as the Virgin Islands. Dr. Mastrovich lectures in many parts of the country, and this education center will allow him to train more dentists to serve more patients.

Recently, Dr. Michael Moscovitch brought his considerable prosthodontic credentials and published expertise to his all day seminar hosted by Mastrovich Dental Group in our new education classroom. Dr. Moscovitch presented on combining current prosthodontic practices and principles to achieve reliable performance outcomes of our implant restorations requiring a rethinking of the choice of prosthetic materials as well as an understanding of current surgical protocols. His presentation addressed the framework of knowledge required to understand the global impact of zirconia, as well as dental implants on improving our patient treatment outcomes with respect to aesthetics, function and efficiency of time. Published data and supporting evidence were highlighted in conjunction with clinical illustrations.

Mastrovich Dental had a lot of fun, while taking seriously the importance of staying up-to-date on current trends and training. We recently enjoyed using our newly completed education center for our annual OSHA and Infectious Diseases updates training, as well as our Medical Emergencies training for dental offices.

Mastrovich Dental is excitedly looking forward to hosting many more speakers, informational lectures, training opportunities and more in our new educational center.