Dr. Mastrovich Dental Training: Achieving a Mechanical Steady State in Implant Supported Restorations

Dental Implant Restoration

Dr. Mastrovich trains dentists on achieving a mechanical steady state in implant supported restorations at the 29th Annual Meeting for the Academy of Osseointegration in Seattle, Washington.


At this meeting, Dr. Mastrovich spoke on the topic of “Fixing Component Failure and Fracture – Retrieving the Fractured Abutment Screw” and dealing with Implant Mechanical Rescue cases. He shared his first-hand experiences with more than 125 cases of screw fractures or screw abutments with other dental professionals who attended the event.

An overview of Dr. Mastrovich’s topic objectives included:

  • What can go wrong during this procedure and how to catch the signs of prior cases of an incorrect implant or screw retrieval effort. It is important in these circumstances to have a good understanding of implant dimensions and interface to avoid further recovery issues.
  • A simple screw classification system created by Dr. Mastrovich that has helped him direct treatment protocols. The Diagnostic Algorithm is fragment position, fragment mobility, and evaluating what kind of implant thread case is occurring
  • What to use in recovery tooling and how to evaluate tooling necessary for a controlled implant safe retrieval. Also including situations in which the correct tooling does not exist and Dr. Mastrovich has had to custom make devices.


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